Cosmetic teeth whitening

Cosmetic tooth whitening* or bleaching is the gentle way to whiten your teeth cheaply and quickly. The result of this treatment is beautiful white teeth.
* Cosmetic tooth whitening is not a dental service.

Have you been dreaming of having your teeth whitened for a while? But you weren't sure whether it would be well tolerated by your teeth? Or whether the result would meet your expectations? Or you were put off by the relatively high cost of bleaching? With our innovative system (cosmetic tooth whitening) you can now make your wish for beautiful white teeth come true quickly, inexpensively and without risk.

Beautiful teeth through bleaching

85% of Germans find yellow teeth unattractive and would like to have whiter teeth. Discoloured or yellowish teeth are in most cases caused by the consumption of tea, coffee, smoking or colour-intensive foods. A conventional in-office bleaching at your dentist is an effective remedy, but takes about 1 ½ hours and is considerably more expensive.

Should you want to have beautiful white teeth quickly at an affordable price, a cosmetic teeth whitening is just right for you. This form of tooth whitening is gentle, gentle, fast-acting, has no side effects and can be performed again at any time. Completely without risk and without a large investment.

Cosmetic tooth whitening - Advantages:

Short treatment time of approx. 20-40 minutes
No long preparation
Can be done directly after a PZR (professional teeth cleaning) so that your teeth not only stay healthy, but are also radiantly beautiful!
Fast and excellent results - immediate teeth whitening of 2-9 shades.
Cosmetic teeth whitening can be repeated at any time.
The composition of the bleaching agent is so gentle that bleaching can be done regularly or before any special occasion (e.g. birthday, party, Christmas, wedding, first date, holiday, job interview, engagement, baptism, communion, confirmation/confirmation ..., just as you regularly have your nails done or go to the hairdresser).
Cosmetic teeth whitening is gentle, gentle and without any side effects.
Affordable bleaching costs!

How does cosmetic tooth whitening work?

The cosmetic tooth whitening was developed together with dentists and also successfully subjected to many tests. It is characterised by the combination of a bleaching gel and its activation by a specially developed high-power LED lamp. The active bleaching agent penetrates the tooth surface and gently dissolves the discolouration without damaging the gums or enamel. (With conventional bleaching, the gums must be protected from the bleaching agent with an intricately applied layer of plastic). This form of cosmetic teeth whitening is absolutely safe and has no known side effects.

What you can expect from cosmetic teeth whitening with our system s:

As with conventional bleaching, only natural teeth can be whitened. Dental prostheses such as implants, dental bridges and crowns or fillings remain unaffected by the bleaching gel.

With cosmetic tooth whitening, you can achieve whiter teeth between 2 and 9 shade levels, depending on your wishes and circumstances (e.g. if the colour of the dentures is lighter than your own teeth).

The cosmetic whitening achieved remains for up to 6 months, depending on your initial situation and lifestyle. This means that the better your oral care at home is and the less discolouring foods you eat, the longer you will enjoy your white teeth.

A new bleaching (refreshing) can be carried out again at any time.

As the bleaching gel in our system is very gentle, it does not cause any side effects. However, only healthy teeth should be whitened. Teeth that are affected by caries, teeth that are very sensitive to cold or gum inflammation should be treated by your dentist before bleaching.

For best results, professional teeth cleaning is highly recommended before bleaching (you would wash your car before repainting it!). Dental plaque or tartar interferes with the penetration of the bleaching agent and can therefore cause an inharmonious whitening of the teeth.

What to consider after bleaching or cosmetic tooth whitening:

Please ensure that you do not eat any strongly discolouring foods for approx. 48 hours after cosmetic tooth whitening and, if possible, do not smoke. As the bleaching process removes water from the teeth (which, however, is very quickly stored again), the teeth tend to absorb more dyes directly after bleaching.


20 minutes: 39 €
40 minutes: 49 €
60 minutes: 59 €

All prices include VAT

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