3 wavelength diode laser


NiSV compliant high performance units

Our devices are scientifically tested and certified They comply with German, European as well as American standards such as CE, CE-Medical, MDD, RoHS, FDA, FDA-510K

Certified according to EN ISO13485 MDD 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive

40% Discount special price: 12.599,- € (instead of 20.999,- €) plus 19% VAT

Direct purchase: 5-year warranty!
Purchase in instalments: 0% financing!**

**Down payment 5.000,- €

Free delivery and personal training at your location.

Our diode lasers are available in any wavelength (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm) also as single and different combinable on request.

25 million shots guaranteed
20Hz blazing fast for a mobile device
outstanding design
including contour attachment
-5°C Peltier cooling
24 hours of continuous operation possible
very easy and safe operation
first-class treatment results
painless in motion gliding technology
no pain and no burns
low operating costs.

3 shaft lengths combined in one handpiece

The latest 3D diode laser technology combines a high-end handpiece with three wavelengths at an ultra-light weight of only 375g. The high-performance laser modules (DILAS Laser Germany and Coherent Laser USA) built into the handpieces guarantee effective treatments for every hair and skin type. Thanks to the different wavelengths of 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm, it is possible to permanently destroy hair on all skin types and skin depths without damaging the surrounding tissue (skin).

Alex 755nm wavelength:

Low penetration - wavelength for fine and light hair.
For a wide variety of hair types and colours.
The alexandrite wavelength provides greater energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for a wide variety of hair types and colours - especially light and thin hair.

Speed 808nm wavelength:

Medium penetration - The classic wavelength
Half treatment time.
The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808 nm wavelength, provides deep penetration of hair follicles with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment.

Yag 1064nm wavelength:

High penetration - wavelength for darker skin and deep lying hair.
Specially for darker skin types.
The Yag 1064 wavelength features lower melanin absorption, making it a focused solution for darker skin types..

The Beautyskin-Germany 3D ICE laser technology was specially configured for professional and medical use and revolutionised the problems of conventional IPL, SHR and 
laser technology!

Advantages compared to IPL systems:

No burns
Most effective treatment for light and fine hair
No more problems with tanned skin and dark skin
No more difficult parameter selection such as pulse strength, sub-pulses, pulse duration thanks to intelligent mode
No more risk with the correct energy output such as the IPL lamp!
No more lamp replacement required!
Up to 250 times higher number of shots
Even energy output with each individual shot.

Our ultra-lightweight handpieces feature pelitic cooling down to -5°C and can be supplied with three wavelengths (755nm, 808nm 1064nm) or just one specific wavelength (808nm).

The laser modules from DILAS Laser Germany and Coherent Laser USA guarantee a long service life and ensure fatigue-free work, with a very low handpiece weight of only 375g (may vary depending on handpiece size). Due to the low weight, we are able to counteract pain and occupational diseases. This enables comfortable working.

With the ultra-light handpiece and the blazingly fast 20 Hz as well as the effective treatment results, you will enjoy the treatment a lot.

Advantages over other laser systems:

Ultra light handpiece weight of 375 grams (instead of up to 900 grams with competitors)
Constant energy output with every shot
ICE cooling down to -5°C
No overheating of handpieces
Outstanding design
20Hz power in a mobile device.

For superior results, our handpieces are equipped with high-end laser modules alternating 3 wavelengths.

This saves you unnecessary handpiece changes according to hair and skin type.

Device software



Model / Typ 3D ICE / 2000 Watt / 800
Technology 3 wavelengths DIODENLASER
Treatment mode In-motion and point-based
Number of shots 20 million shots guaranteed
Spot size / wavelengths 14*14 mm / 755nm+808nm+1064nm
Contour attachment included  
Handpiece performance 800 Watt
Fluence / energy density 120J /cm²
Timer unlimited
Pulse frequency / second 20 Hz standard (superior performance for a mobile device)
Cooling system Air cooling, TEC cooling system, water cooling, Super Peltier cooling
Cooling capacity handpiece -5°C
Touchscreen 10.3 inch Ultra HD colour touchscreen
Cooling monitoring Permanent cooling circuit monitoring during operation
Power 2000 Watt


Due to the different growth cycles, several treatments at intervals of 4-5 weeks are necessary.

From the 3rd treatment onwards, the intervals increase due to the decrease in the amount of hair.

Growth phases vary greatly from person to person. 
To ensure that the correct phase is not missed and that the optimal result is achieved, our trainers are in close contact with you.

Treatments Face Body
1. - 2. 4 Weeks 6 Weeks
3. - 4. 5 Weeks 7 Weeks
5. - 6. 5 Weeks 8 Weeks
Ab 7. 6 Weeks 8 - 12 Weeks


Thanks to our high quality equipment with the latest technology, we are able to perform 100% painless, highly efficient hair and skin treatments on all skin and hair types.

Enjoy unique treatment comfort, without pain, with visible results already after the first treatment.

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