4 wavelength diode laser


Our devices are certified according to EN ISO13485 MDD 93/42/EWG Medical Device Directive tested.

special price: 29.900,- € (instead of 38.100,- €) plus 19% VAT

Direct purchase: 5-year warranty!
Leasing: No down payment!***
Purchase by instalment: 0% interest financing!**

**Down payment 8.800,- €
***Deposit 8.800,- €

15 % discount for direct purchase!

Advantages of 5 years warranty with direct purchase!
1x additional filter included with direct purchase!
1x face tip included with direct purchase!

Referral to our financing partner - up to 6 months grace period - and unscheduled repayment possible at any time. 48 months term possible or 54 months with 6 months grace period!

Free delivery and personal training of all employees at your location, including starter package: 1 package of gloves, 100 wooden spatulas, 3 customer glasses, 2 practitioner glasses, 5 litres of ultrasound gel, 5 litres of distilled water according to DIN 43530, 10 disposable razors, funnel+hose+connectors for filling. Free advice on social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp), referral to a cost-effective, professional web designer, advice on insurance (business liability) and also referral to one of our partners, LSB certificate can be carried out online with one of our cooperation partners.


50 million shots guaranteed and up to 100 million shots lifetime
10Hz per handpiece - blazingly fast and both handpieces can be used simultaneously
Germany Limo Sense Technology - spot uniformity is increased by 100%
Energy density is increased by 20%
The effectiveness is increased by 50%

Training of all employees and instruction in accordance with the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance
For the first time with us: 4 wavelengths combined in one handpiece
Including 2 handpieces and contour attachment
Extremely fast amortisation
Guaranteed results after the 1st treatment
Only 25 min. for full body treatments
-18°C latest HSPC cooling technology 360 degree all-round cooling

Very quiet, ventilation only starts when lasering itself


Use of Focus Light

GERMANY DILAS LASER BAR (2000 Watt and 1000 Watt)

3 different spot sizes 8x8mm (contour attachment) (surcharge: € 671.43 plus 19% VAT), 15x15mm for small areas such as the face (1000 watts) and 15x30mm big spot with excellent power transmission (2000 watts)
72 hours of continuous operation
Very simple operation thanks to AI Technology! The parameters are preset!
Skin analysis handpiece
Magnetic display with a database of up to 65,000 customers - no more searching for customer data! Everything stored in the device!
Pulse width reduced to 2ms, this is 5-20 faster than other diode lasers, thus increasing the effect by 200% and at the same time reducing pain by -70%
We are now also using the Android system, which is constantly being expanded to keep you and your device up to date (updates required)
2 handpieces can work simultaneously - for example 2 practitioners on one client or 2 practitioners on 2 clients!
Handpiece with longer cable and connection from the front, allowing more freedom of movement
Our crane arm makes it possible to work with just one hand, which is very gentle on the body!

Handpiece weight of only 355g
first-class treatment results
painless in motion gliding technology
no pain and no burns
low operating costs due to aviation technology - power consumption reduced by 50%
low maintenance costs

Painless laser hair removal

Advantages of HSPC

The latest research and development cooling system; the handle is upgraded from double-sided cooling to 360-degree circulating cooling, the lowest temperature can drop to -18 *C within a few seconds. Perfect PAIN-FREE hair removal

Working efficiency: 72 hours super long working to ensure stable function in busy clinics / salons

4 wavelengths combined in one handpiece

The latest technology of our 4D ICE MAX ULTIMATE combines a high-end handpiece with three combined wavelengths. The high-performance laser modules (DILAS Laser Germany) built into the handpieces guarantee treatment results after just the first treatment, whatever the hair and skin type.

Our handpieces are lightweight (375g) compared to other handpieces on the market. They can also be operated with just one hand thanks to the crane arm!

Alex 755nm wavelength:

Low penetration - wavelength for fine and light-coloured hair.
For a wide range of hair types and colours.
The alexandrite wavelength offers greater energy absorption by the melanin chromophore and is therefore ideal for a wide range of hair types and colours - especially light and thin hair.

Speed 808nm wavelength:

Medium penetration depth - The classic wavelength
Half the treatment time.
The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808 nm wavelength, offers deep penetration of the hair follicles with high average power, a high repetition rate and a large spot size for fast treatment.

940nm wavelength:

Penetrates effectively into the depth and is absorbed by the target chromophore.

Yag 1064nm wavelength:

High penetration depth - wavelength for darker skin and deep-set hair.
Especially for darker skin types.
The Yag 1064 wavelength is characterised by lower melanin absorption and is therefore a focussed solution for darker skin types.

Our ultra-light handpieces feature the latest HSPC 360 degree Peltier cooling down to -18°C while maximising power transmission (+30%). The laser modules from DILAS Laser Germany guarantee an extremely long service life (50 million shots guaranteed - up to 100 million shots service life) and ensure fatigue-free working (375g handpiece), which enables comfortable and gentle working. Added to this is our sophisticated contour attachment, which sets you apart from the crowd and allows you to laser beard contours, eyebrow, ear and nose hair, for example.

With our 4D ICE MAX ULTIMATE handpiece and the fast 2x 10 Hz as well as the effective treatment results, you and your clients will enjoy the treatment.

Advantages over other laser systems:

Can be operated by one person with one hand thanks to the crane arm
Optional: contour attachment for beard contours, eyebrows, nose and ear hair
ICE cooling down to -18°C HSPC 360 degree cooling
No more overheating of the handpieces

AI technology and aeronautical engineering combined with Germany Dilas laser bars in 4 wavelengths and extremely low pulse width, the results are outstanding!
Total 20Hz power (extremely fast device)
Only 25 min. for a full body treatment

The reason for the outstanding results are our high-end laser modules, which are equipped with 4 alternating wavelengths.

This saves you unnecessary handpiece changes according to hair and skin type.

Device software

New, improved software! Intuitive touchscreen control makes it very easy to use, as the parameters are immediately suggested to you after skin analysis using a separate handpiece.

Saves up to 65,000 customers, areas and settings!

NiSV compliant devices
Our devices fulfil German, European and American standards such as CE, CE-Medical, MDD, RoHS, FDA, FDA-510K
Our devices are scientifically tested and certified.

Model / Typ 4 D ICE MAX Ultimate 3000
Technology 4 wavelengths DIODENLASER
Treatment mode In-motion and point-based
Number of shots 50 million shots guaranteed, up to 100 million shots lifetime
Spot size / wavelengths 8x8 mm 15x15 mm und 15x30 mm / 755nm+808nm+ 940nm
Contour attachment included  
Handpiece performance 3000 Watt (2000 Watt und 1000 Watt)
Fluence / energy density 120J /cm²
Timer unlimited
Pulse frequency / second 20 Hz (10Hz + 10Hz)
Cooling system Air cooling, water cooling, Super HSPC Peltier cooling
Cooling capacity handpiece -1°C bis -18°C
Touchscreen 15.6 inch Ultra HD colour touchscreen
Cooling monitoring Permanent cooling circuit monitoring during operation
Power 3000 Watt

Treatment intervals

Due to the different growth cycles (anagen and catagen phase), several treatments are necessary at intervals of 4-8 weeks.

From the 3rd treatment onwards, the intervals increase due to the reduction of hair.

Every hair and skin type is very different, so to ensure that the correct timing and setting are ideally matched, we provide intensive on-site training. Furthermore, our trainers are available at all times to answer any questions you may have. This is of course 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Customer satisfaction - Reviews

Customer satisfaction and trust is the be-all and end-all of a good business relationship. We have many customers with whom you can also get in touch after consultation. We would also like to invite you to visit our showroom. If the way is too far, many of our customers are also willing to show you a device in your area due to good treatment results and correspondence. Since we have customers all over Germany, nothing is impossible! We try to make everything possible, just contact us.

Results for every skin and hair type

Thanks to our high quality equipment with the latest technology, we are able to perform 100% painless, highly efficient hair and skin treatments on all skin and hair types.
Enjoy unique treatment comfort with a top-class device that causes your clients no pain and delivers visible results after the first treatment.

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